ExpoGlobus.com can widen the geographical boundaries of your company’s business and offer you the opportunity to attract a new range of customer thanks to our Business Contacts Network which brings together both European and CIS markets.

ExpoGlobus is a convenient trilingual (Russian, German, English) platform where your company can create an interactive presentation with the option of integrating multimedia content (photo, video) and an Instant Messaging function as well as search tools. Your company’s profile on ExpoGlobus is a new and effective marketing tool for promoting your goods and services.

If your company is planning to take part in a trade fair, ExpoGlobus can help you optimize your performance so that you really get the most from it. You can present your company using textual, photographic or video materials. By using your profile to publish a schedule of events for your presentation, demonstration or product-tasting at your stand, you can attract the maximum number of visitors and press agents. If you post a link to your company’s web-page on your profile, traffic to your web-page will increase, and if you mark your stand’s location on the plan of the pavilion, your clients will reach you faster.

If you are simply planning to visit a trade fair, thanks to ExpoGlobus you can familiarize yourself with detailed information about the exhibitors via their presentation pages even before the fair kicks off. With the help of our interactive guide-catalogue, you can draw up a schedule to view stalls and then fix a time for trade talks with an exhibitor using our appointments calendar. Whether you are visiting or participating in a trade fair, ExpoGlobus can increase your company’s effectiveness by enabling you to optimize the preparation phase. ExpoGlobus means new clients for your business.

ExpoGlobus is an additional tool for attracting domestic and foreign exhibitors who will participate in your trade fairs, as well as means to stimulate attendance at your events.

Once you have created your profile on ExpoGlobus you are automatically enlisted in our trade fair calendar which is used by companies from both Europe and the CIS. By posting multimedia information about your exhibitions and exhibitors on your profile, you will raise the information level for visitors prior to the trade fair itself, thereby ensuring their visit is even more effective. This is especially important for visitors from the B2B sector because for them, preparation for visiting a trade fair begins right at the work place. And the end result is that your trade fair becomes even more attractive. We offer trade fair companies an interface for creating an interactive catalogue-guide to the fair as well as an events calendar. These tools can significantly simplify/optimize preparing for a fair, both for trade fair companies and for the exhibitors alike.

ExpoGlobus offers trade fair companies a full account with multimedia presentation, interactive tools and much more free of charge. Your multimedia profile on the Network of business contacts will stimulate your Internet presence during periods between trade fairs.

Thanks to this project, the successful experience of leading European trade fair companies is being brought into the Russian trade fair market.

ExpoGlobus is an international project which brings trade fairs and companies from Europe and the CIS together on a platform offering resources such as multimedia presentation, interactive tools, calendar of the fair’s events, an expo-video, and first-hand business information.

The target audience is made up of:

  • Companies which take part in or are planning to take part in trade fairs in the CIS and Europe.
  • Exhibition centres and trade fair companies which are seeking to attract new clients and to increase the efficiency of their fairs, both for themselves and for their exhibitors by harnessing the wide range of resources offered by WEB 2.0. technologies.

Our registration procedure is very simple. Just type the name of your company, your own name and your email address in the relevant fields of the registration form. An activation link for your company will be sent to your email address. After activation, you can start filling in your company’s information profile.

Immediately after the activation of your account you will be routed to your company’s profile page where you should select which category your company falls into, eg. “Manufacturer,” “Trade fair organiser” etc.

ExpoGlobus registers only legal entities: companies, exhibition centres and trade fairs. Upon registration and verification, a company can create various sections in its profile, each of which can represent an individual, such as a company’s manager, head of marketing division etc.

After registration and account activation you can post the following information on your page in the International Network of business contacts: information about your company and its logo; photos and descriptions of products; video clips; statements (messages, announcements, press releases etc.); documents (presentations, price lists etc.).

You can add a list of the trade fairs your company is taking part in or planning to take part in.

You can also add details about the various divisions of your company so that other users can have a direct link to your sales department or customer service, for example.

You can use the following paid advertising resources offered by ExpoGlobus:

  • An animated banner on our main page
  • The “Add request” function for announcements or messages from your company’s press service.
  • A promotional video prepared which the editorial staff of ExpoGlobus or our partners can prepare especially for you (for more information see “What is expo-video?).
  • An icon with your company’s business card/product/service at the top of the site’s search list.

ExpoGlobus prepares video reports from the largest trade and industry fairs. Besides that we also film promotional videos for exhibitors during the course of a trade fair. These video clips can be of varied length and format, but they all offer exhibitors the opportunity to talk about their company’s participation in the fair and the products or services they are offering.

The promotional video offers your company the chance to prolong the effect of your participation in a trade fair even when the exhibition is over, as you can use the video for marketing purposes: you can post the clip on your web-page, on social networks, and on your company’s ExpoGlobus presentation page. Video is the most modern and convenient form of information feed.

The security of our users’ data is of paramount importance. All data from your registration record is securely protected from any outside penetration. Our servers are located in Germany. ExpoGlobus does not disseminate a user’s information without their permission. Only the content you enter is open to all users.

After logging-in to the system (SignUP) using your log-in name and password, you can visit the pages of other companies, trade fairs and exhibitors which are registered on ExpoGlobus. Once you are on their page you will see the “Departments” bookmark on the left. Having selected an appropriate button here, you can send a message to various departments of the given company (eg. Management, Sales etc.) by simply typing your text in the opened window.

Only registered and verified users can send such messages.

Registered ExpoGlobus users can invite any company which has created an account on the Network of business contacts to become a partner by sending them a request for partnership.

This can be done very easily. After logging-in (SignUP) using your log-in name and password, you can visit the pages of other companies, trade fairs and exhibitors registered on ExpoGlobus. Once you are on their page you will see the “Departments” bookmark on the left. Here you can select the “Invite” option by pressing the appropriate button, then simply type an invitation message in the opened window.

Trade fairs which support the function “Interactive Guide” are marked with a special icon called “Plan of the Trade Fair.” Selecting this link will take you to a list of all the halls used in the given fair. By selecting a particular hall you will enter the Interactive Guide for that hall during that particular trade fair.

The Trade Fair Calendar can be accessed from the page “List of Trade Fairs.” Here the Trade Fair Calendar will automatically offer you the closest trade fair from the date of your visit. If you are interested in trade fairs which have already taken place or those planned for the future, use the slider on the temporal scale to change the range of dates for exhibitions and events.

You can change the settings of your account by going to the window “Account Setup.” To do this you should log-in (SignUP) and click on the user’s “Name/Surname” button in the upper menu tab.

To erase your registration you must send a request to Admin and your registration record will be removed.